Box Rules

At CrossFit Utmost, we aim to create the best possible environment to allow all our members to enjoy a nice and safe box for their daily CrossFit workouts. We believe that the safety for our members and coaches is our number one priority. As a way to help keep everyone safe, gear in proper working condition, and the gym clean, we have established a few rules and box etiquette that will help us in doing so.

  1. Sign in and Be on time for your WOD
  2. Leave your ego at the door
  3. Have a good attitude, be friendly and introduce yourself to newcomers
  4. Don’t interrupt your coaches by setting up equipment until instructed to do so
  5. Clean up after yourself and put equipment back where you got it
  6. Wait until everyone has finished the workout before putting equipment away
  7. Don’t cheat your reps! How you perform in here is how you perform out there!
  8. Always use full range of motion (lighter and lower is better than heavier and higher)
  9. Scale your workouts appropriately!
  10. Have Fun